Jonathan Gloag Academy aims at bringing up ‘All – Round’ individuals through mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child under our care.


Tr. Esther

Head Teacher

In JGA we are very keen on discipline and we strive to develop good character amongst the children and also mould their personality.This is achieved by teaching good living values, skills and attitude which develop a solid sense in them to understand the difference between negative and positive behaviour.

Tr. Esther Karanja

Tr. Juliet

Deputy Head Teacher

The office of the deputy head teacher works hand in hand with classteachers, stream cordinators, senior teachers, dean of academics and the head teacher to oversee: discipline matters, proper administration of school reward system, organising school trips, projects, charity work, music and drama festivals, and teaching of values to our pupils.

Tr. Juliet Wambua

Tr. Julius

Dean of Academics

Jonathan Gloag Academy Deans office is now three years since its inception.I wish to thank the class of 2016 who did us proud by posting arguably one of the best scores in the school's history. We wish to motivate the pupils to utilize their full potential, set targets, empower both teachers and pupils and of course improve academic standards without losing the founder's dream of producing all-rounded pupils.God bless JGA

Tr. Julius Kimondo

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