HighlightsClubs and Optional Activities

Clubs are co-curricular activities which involve grade 1 to class 5 pupils. these clubs are; Environmental,Handwriing, Bible club, Drama and Music, Chess, Junior achievement and scouts. All the clubs are free of charge except scouts movemnt which has a registration fee. Class 1 clubs meet on Thursdays, Chess club in junior school meets on Friday. All other clubs in both Junior and senior school meet on Mondays

Optional Activities

These are optional extra-curricular activities. They aim at enhancing professional skills in different sports and activities. These activities have a charge per term. Please discuss with your child before engaging so that you don’t pick two which take place the same day or time. Also note that we have introduced 3 weekend optional activities which are swimming, football and basketball so that we can give an opportunity to class 6, 7 and 8.

Optional subject Classes Day Charges Venue
Sketting Grade 2 & 3
4 & 5
4,000 per Term
4,000 Per Term
Parking Area
Basketball pitch
Martial Arts Grade 2
grade 3
4 & 5
2,000 per Term
2,000 Per Term
2,000 Per Term
Activity Room
Activity Room
Kiswahili Room
Tennis Grade 2 & 3
4 & 5
5,000 per Term
5,000 Per Term
Assembly Area
Basketball pitch
Express Soccer 4 & 5 Tuesday 4,000 per Term TBH Grounds
Brass band Grade 3
4 & 5
Mon' & Thur'
3,000 per Term
3,000 Per Term
Junior Sch
Music Room
Spelling Bee Grade 2 & 3 Friday 2,000 per year Junior Sch.
Swimming PP1 - Class 8 Saturday 5,000 per Term Sunshine Sec. Schl.
10.00am - 1.00pm
JGA Football Club Class 6 - 8 Saturday 4,000 per Term TBH Grounds
9.00am - 1.00pm
JGA Basketball Club Class 4 - 8 Saturday 4,000 per Term Basketball Pitch
9.00am - 1.00pm

Important Announcements

School Fees for Year 2020
Good News Parents!! The School management has decided that there will be no school fees increament for the year 2020.This decision has been taken to cusion our parents from the hard economic times that we are all facing.

Values of the Term
Kindergarten Obedience
Junior School Patience
Middle/Upper Sch. Focus

Our Grade 2 pupils will be carrying out their project this term. The topic for this project will be "Enterprise Projects".
KCPE 2019
KCPE rehearsal day is on Monday 28th October 2019
KCPE Exam. This will be done from Tuesday 29th - Thursday 31st October 2019

Thanksgiving Service and Pre-primary 2 Graduation.
We shall be holding our service as above on Friday 18th October 2019 Startig at 9:00 am at CITAM Karen. All are encouraged to attend.

School Trips
Our August trips (Class 7 to Embu and class 8 to Mombasa) were a great success. We would like to that you all for your contribution towards the success of these trips.
Class 5 pupils will take a day trip to ndakaini dam and Makomboki Tea Factory on Tuesday 29th October 2019.
The scouts will leave for their camp on Saturday 2nd November 2019 and return on 5th November 2019 More details will be send to the parents later.

Playgroup year 2020 Assessment
Parents who have children turning 3 years in January 2010 are invited to bring them for assessment on Tuesday 12th Nov 2019 You are kidly requested to register with us prior to.

Interviews for all classes
This will take place on Wed 6th Nov 2019

We endeavour to promote high standards of discipline in the school and we ask parents to partner with us in this worthy cause.
Please note that pupils are not allowed to carry mobile phones, toys or any electronics to school or school trips. Such items will be confiscated until when clearing from the school.

School Fees
A reminder that the deadline for payment of 1st installment of school fees was Monday 27th Aug 2019. 60% The second and final installment dates are Monday 27th May – 24th Sep 2019. 40%

School Hours
School ends at 3:45pm for Pre-primary to class 5 and 4:45pm for class 6 - class 8. There should not be any children left in school after 5pm. We appeal to parents who's children do not use the school transport to be picking them by 5:00 pm.