Headmaster’s Message – 20th ANNIVERSARY

Mr. William MulemaHeadmaster

It is exciting to celebrate JGA @20! This anniversary marks an important milestone in the history of Jonathan Gloag Academy. Congratulations to our founder Dame Ann Gloag, the Board of Governors, the Staff, Children and Parents of JGA.

Our Motto. As envisaged in our motto,

“To develop virtuous individuals as the foundation of a good society,”

JGA has walked this way by producing virtuous citizens who are having an impact in our society in various disciplines and thus making it a better place to live. Our alumni are a good testament of the success story of JGA. At JGA, we have lived up to our motto.

Down the memory lane. 20 years down the line, our emphasis has been on teaching values as a way of developing discipline children. This approach has helped us produce not only brilliant children but confident, trustworthy and dependable leaders who are contributing positively to the society. As we transit to the new education system, our school has found it easy as we had already taken the

necessary steps in that direction by laying emphasis on values and having a unique reward system. We also take much pride in our success in academics and in co-curricular activities. In the recent past we had embraced a pathway on “Making School a Happy Place to be” and, although it was disrupted by the advent of COVID-19, we hope to realise this dream in 2023.

Our resolve. As we celebrate this anniversary, our resolve is, and has always been, to bring up disciplined and well-mannered children. We have also strategically positioned ourselves to venture into Junior Secondary education in the coming year. This will give us an opportunity to engage our students at a higher level – a level that is very critical in their lives. Our impact on the students in their high school years at JGA is going to be so fundamental in realising our goal of nurturing and developing virtuous individuals that are so scarce in the society. Let your child not miss out on this! We are all excited to see what kind of students will be leaving JGA after completing their Junior Secondary education.

Appreciation. We thank all those parents that have stood with JGA over all those years to date, including some who have been with the school for the last 20 years. A big thank you to you all! We are glad that you have also encouraged your friends to enroll their children in our school. This kind of marketing has had a positive impact on our enrolment. I call upon all our alumni too, to tell others about the school they studied in and when they are blessed with children, to enroll them at JGA.

Thank you all and let’s celebrate JGA @ 20.
Mr. William Mulema